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Dear Evan Hansen, what did I just watch?!



Dear Evan Hansen, what did I just watch?!

The elements that achieve this are apparent; First is the age of the lead actor. Ben Platt(Evan Hansen), a 28-year-old actor, waddling in a high school hallway, is one of the most unconvincing performances I’ve seen this year. Of course, it is possible to make a 28-year-old actor work for a 17-year-old character, but the use of heavy make-up, a curly hair costume, and close up shots was the final blow to any plausible portrayal of a high school student.

The second is the morality of the plot. It is horrendous. So terrible that it makes this writer wonder how this idea was deemed fit to become a movie in the first place.

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ being a musical, Its primary strength, apart from its appealing lighting, excellent cinematography and vocal deliverance of the songs, is the supporting cast; Zoe Murphy(Kaitlyn Dever), Connor Murphy(Colton Ryan), and Alana Black(Amandla Sternberg).

I have been a big fan of Amandla Stenberg since Hunger games, Colombiana, Everything Everything, and other excellent titles. But, I must add, if you’ll agree with me, regarding ‘Dear Evan Hansen’, that Amandla has appeared in pleasanter flicks.

However, my appeal for stories revolving around mental health doesn’t blind me from calling out bad qualities being promoted directly or indirectly.

While the concept of cerebral well-being and social anxiety ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ carries will resonate with myself and millions of Gen-zs, its didactic approach repels the audience from the main character and the entire plot. Evan Hansen was a horrible person, and no one should identify with that.

The film is a chaotic tsunami, tornado, sandstorm, and flood of cringe performances, bizarre plot progression, loud music and scary tear scenes, so disturbing; I still wonder as I do this review, what did I just watch!!.

Israel Olorunnisola is a freelance creative. When he is not writing about Film, Music, TV or Pop culture he is telling stories on Wattpad.

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