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How Moral are the business practices of pharmaceutical companies? ‘Sweet Girl’ Asks



How Moral are the business practices of pharmaceutical companies? ‘Sweet Girl’ Asks
How Moral are the business practices of pharmaceutical companies? ‘Sweet Girl’ Asks

These sectors should be independent of political interference because when politics gets involved, every bit of fairness fades. As we see in the case of the Cooper in this film’s plot.

After holding on to the last glimmer of hope expecting a drug that will preserve Mrs Cooper’s life, Ray Cooper(Jason Momoa) and his teenage daughter Rachel(Isabella Merced) are shattered after their mother kicks the bucket.

The CEO of BioPrime in his defence claims these investments into drug making costs way much more than the can afford. And pharmaceutical companies can’t run on losses.

In the Stock market, ‘Profit’ is the value of monetary return,

In the Church, ‘Profit’ is the number of souls being won for Heaven,

In Law ‘Profit’ is number of fair hearings being delivered,

In Healthcare, profit should be the number of /lives capable of receiving treatments/being saved. Not money!

Healthcare shouldn’t be politicised. When it’s done, it unevens the grounds of equal treatment between the rich and the poor. That’s unfair!

While the subject Sweet Girl explores earns acclaim, the cinematic execution of this Netflix movie warrants some criticism.

With the roles Jason Momoa plays, I put him in a box. A ‘Tough Man’ Box.

I mean look at ‘Khal Drogo’ in Game of Thrones, ‘Aquaman’ in the DCEU, ‘Baba Voss’ in Apple ’s Sci-fi ‘SEE’ among others.

But What Jason Momoa did with ‘Ray Cooper’ is shattered that box. and I believe I’m not alone on this.

The storyline also excels with its shocking twist. We see it’s been Rachel all along. That she single-handedly outsmarts the senator involved in BioPrimes corruption & exposing the entire conspiracy to the media.

Coming months after The god committee, ‘Sweet Girl’ will not immediately halt political interference in our Healthcare systems. However, it opens the scene for a conversation that has been long overdue.

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