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Windows 11 Introduces Major Feature for DirectX 11 PC Gamers & Xbox Game Pass



Windows 11 Introduces Major Feature for DirectX 11 PC Gamers & Xbox Game Pass

Windows 11 DirectX 11 Auto HDR explained, as the new OS will be integrated for PC gamers alongside the Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Remember when Microsoft said Windows 10 was the last OS we would ever need? Well, the company has had a change of heart, as they officially rolled out some of the Windows 11 features.

While introducing the new OS, we’ve been given a massive overhaul of performance improvement, new menu system and improvements to multitasking. The update is free of charge for eligible Windows 10 PCs, but has us thinking about making an upgrade based on the DirectX 11 upgrade.

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Windows 11 is set to feature Auto HDR, which has been prevalent in the new next-gen gaming release for the Xbox Series X|S. So, this will also improve past games that never had HDR settings implemented. This is insane for past classics like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, that have never received HDR patches.

They’re touting it as the best operating system for gaming, which will run even faster than their Xbox Series X. For those of you who use monitors to game and have left HDTVs, this would be something to look into if a new PC with Windows 11 will fit your budget.

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Considering Xbox Game Pass will have almost every exclusive title day-one (Halo, Forza, Back 4 Blood, Bethesda Games), the new DirectStorage feature will also decrease loading speeds to almost becoming non-existent.

Take a look at the introduction for Windows 11 below.



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