Tommie Lee Denies Drugs Amid Gun Pulling Accusations

Tommie Lee Denies Drugs Amid Gun Pulling Accusations


Tommie Lee is denying claims that she was high on drugs after she was chaotically carried off stage at a karaoke bar. All of this comes amid rumors that she pulled a gun on her Baddies West co-star, DJ Sky, something she also denies.

Tommie Lee x DJ Sky

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Jesus, take the wheel! Fans are speculating that Tommie Lee is back to her old chaotic ways because she was recently seen wilding on the mic and a former co-star. The former Love & Hip Hop star made headlines back-to-back for nearly dragging DJ Sky before someone had to drag her offstage. Fans on social media worried that she was abusing drugs and alcohol but clapped back saying she was “just having fun while urging people to put their phones down and stop recording her.

Tommie Lee Accused Of Confronting DJ Sky With A Gun At TAO In Los Angeles

The Neighborhood Talk reported that Tommie was allegedly tool-toting at L.A. hotspot TAO when she crashed an event to confront DJ Sky.

It’s unclear why they have beef, but Tommie seemed to turn on the entire Baddies West cast by the end of the season, which ended in a massive brawl. Whatever went down must have left the Zeus stars with some unfinished business.

The site claimed that Tommie “[pulled] up to Tao restaurant, walked in and allegedly pulled a gun out on DJ Sky and pointed it at her. Not to mention she wasn’t an invited guest so this was random.”

Multiple people reported the incident, forcing Sky to do a police report, according to TNT.

News of the tense moment immediately sparked speculation that Tommie was backsliding into prison or substance abuse.

“She had a damn good batch cause who tf pulls a gun out in TAO!!!! @ her big age,” one comment said.

“Ain’t there a limit to how many times you can get locked up before they keep you for a while? cos tommies way past that limit,” another asked.

“Somebody said she was yelling ‘what’s the procedure when you got a gun to your head’ idk,” a reply added.

“I just feel like they need to tommie tf alone saying she on drugs when we don’t even have a clue of depth of there beef is,” one defender said.

Tommie responded to the IG posts, by simply saying, “Pls stop lying on me.”

Someone who appears to be a friend of Tommie’s recorded the altercation, hyping her up with a camera in Sky’s face.

“What are you pointing a gun at me for? Why are you recording me?” Sky asked.

The cameraman told Sky she had it coming for “all the sh*t you were saying online about ”

“Come outside! Come outside, Sky. Come outside and holler at us. Don’t play games!” Tommie taunted off-camera.

Sky seemingly responded to comments that she was too scary to come outside with Tommie and quickly ran to the cops.

“When you have a lot to [lose] you have to move accordingly,” the DJ posted on Instagram Stories.

That’s good advice for Tommie, who literally moved so recklessly that she fueled a second set of salacious rumors this week.

Check out Tommie Lee getting dragged offstage after a chaotic karaoke performance after the flip!

Tommie Lee Caught In 4K Getting Carried Off Karaoke Stage, Denies Drug Allegations: “It’s Just Karaoke, Calm Down”

2023 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

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Confronting DJ Sky wasn’t the only time Tommie Lee was recently wilding in public. Fans spotted the VH1 alum turning up at karaoke night. The way she almost literally left it all on the stage for “Dangerously In Love” left the crowd asking if she was dangerously on drugs.

When she belted out the final notes, Tommie kept performing. She did the fool, seeming to catch the Holy Ghost onstage. Someone who appeared to be a friend helped her up and guided her offstage. The unstoppable shouting continued until he dragged her off, kicking and falling out.

“What kind of drugs is that?” someone asked offscreen as Tommie’s friends drag her out through the crowd.

The comments questioned Tommie’s progress with sobriety.

“Sober my ass lol” someone wrote under the video.

“Grandma doing too much Powda,” one reply joked.

“That Coke and Liquor Is A Mother…” another said.

Tommie still had some supporters, defending her having fun doing “Tommie Sh*t.”

“I loveeee it turn up tommie!! its a club what’s else she suppose to do sit and look hell naw turn up boo!!!” a fan added.

She quickly took to Instagram to shut down the allegations from her karaoke performance.

“I’m at karaoke having adult fun what happened maybe if y’all stay out my business y’all wouldn’t be so confused,” she wrote under a post about putting on a show.

She took to Instagram Stories to set the record straight, warning camera-carrying fans to “stop recording people.”

“Y’all life so boring if I showed the fun we have y’all really would think it’s drugs, off the simple fact y’all miserable…… it’s just karaoke calm down,” she wrote.

“Stop recording people who are not with you tryna make it news it’s corny…”

Showing out on the mic could’ve been fun and games, but HelloBeautiful previously reported she takes her sobriety very seriously. In 2019, she proudly announced she had “gone to rehab” and was “4 months sober.”

Tommie explained that after a troubled family life and growing up in the system, she struggled to cope. When LHHATL’s cameras ramped up the drama, she started drinking more as a “tranquilizer.”

Hopefully, Tommie can keep up the streak of sobriety and stay out of trouble with the law. On Baddies West, she celebrated that the past few years were the longest she spent out of jail.

Do you think Tommie Lee was really just high on life?


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