Verydarkman beams with joy as he meets Rudeboy of Psquare in Lagos

Verydarkman beams with joy as he meets Rudeboy of Psquare in Lagos
  • Verydarkman has been strutting his stuff, keeping the fire alive with his seamless connections and thrilling encounters with A-list celebrities during his stay in Lagos, leaving his critics stewing in envy.
  • The social media maverick, who recently rubbed shoulders with the likes of , Cubana Chiefpriest, Seun Kuti, and more, couldn't contain his excitement as he shared a of his meet-up with of .

In the midst of swirling controversies and the finger-pointing of empty pockets, the renowned critic, VeryDarkMan, continues his ascent up the fame ladder, finding himself in the company of Rudeboy, a distinguished member of the P-Square band.

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This digital advocate, who's been making waves in the news recently for his candid views on the ailing veteran actor, Mr. Ibu, serendipitously crosses paths with this prominent singer.

Taking to his Instagram Story, VeryDarkMan shares a snappy video of himself alongside Rudeboy, ecstatically bestowing legendary status upon the singer.

The duo shares jovial , echoing the critic's famous catchphrase, “Don't play, you'll learn.”

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It's worth mentioning that VeryDarkMan's current Lagos escapade is courtesy of the superstar Afrobeat singer, Davido, who accommodated him in a hotel.

The two have since been frequently spotted together, often in the company of another well-known socialite, Cubana Chief Priest.”

VeryDarkMan recently embarked on a remarkable journey to Lagos, sponsored by Davido.

The social media sensation shared videos, capturing his excitement and awe as he boarded a private jet for the trip.

In the footage, Verydarkman ecstatic as Davido flies him to Lagos in private jet; books 5-star hotel room for him – VIDEO.

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Once they arrived in Lagos, VeryDarkMan continued to document his fantastic adventure.

He took his followers on a virtual tour of the lavish hotel suite that Davido had arranged for him. From the opulent bedroom to the luxurious bathroom, every detail was meticulously captured by VeryDarkMan's camera.

The videos showcased the grand treatment and attention to detail that Davido had provided for his guest.

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