Mr Ibu’s health is critical, he was rushed in for 2 surgeries following body decay

Mr Ibu’s health is critical, he was rushed in for 2 surgeries following body decay
  • Verydarkman, a prominent figure in the forefront of Mr. Ibu's health ordeal, has dropped a grim and pressing update regarding the actor
  • The social media critic, in his latest video, has spilled the beans that Mr. Ibu's well-being is hanging by a thread, with the actor having to go under the knife not once, but twice, all due to the harrowing specter of ‘ decay' haunting him.

In a scorching social media exposé, Martins Vincent Otse, alias Verydarkman, dropped a bombshell in his latest update, claimed that the health of the ailing Nollywood legend, Mr. Ibu, is on a razor's edge, with certain parts of his body in a state of decay.

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According to the VeryDarkMan, Mr. Ibu is grappling with a condition that's left him with a blood clot in his , and as a result, some parts of his body are decaying.

He disclosed that the seasoned actor has undergone preparation for two surgeries as of Monday morning due to the deterioration of his condition.

VDM also put forth the idea of arranging for Mr. Ibu to receive advanced medical treatment abroad, given that his life is currently in a precarious state.

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Mr ibu condition has moved from bad to worst, at this point only God knows his fate, I will be in for 2 surgeries this morning,” he wrote in the caption of the video.


Mr Ibu's health is critical, he was rushed in for 2 surgeries following body decayThis is coming days after he dropped some explosive claims about the Actors Guild of in a video that went viral.

While making a pit stop at the hospital where Mr. Ibu, is currently receiving treatment, publicly criticized Mr. Ibu's fellow actors and the AGN for falsely claiming to have cared for the actor and provided support, before resorting to online begging for assistance.

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He dropped a bombshell, disclosing the astonishing amount the AGN pocketed from the well-intentioned donors rallying for Mr. Ibu's cause – a staggering N5 million, but shockingly, only a paltry sum of N700,000 found its way to the veteran actor and his ..



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