“Mohbad died because he betrayed Naira Marley”

“Mohbad died because he betrayed Naira Marley”
  • In a surprising twist, street-hop artiste, Portable Omolalomi has claimed that Mohbad’s tragic death was a result of betrayal.
  • According to Portable, Mohbad was nurtured and supported by Marlian Music but turned his back on them. He alleged that Mohbad accused the label of not showing love, which led to his departure and affiliation with Naira Marley’s rivals.
  • Portable claimed that Mohbad’s association with these rivals ultimately led to his untimely death, intended to frame Naira Marley. 

Controversial musician, Portable Omolalomi, accuses late colleague, Mohbad of being a traitor which resulted in his death.

According to Portable, Mohbad, a rising star nurtured by Marlian Music, turned his back on the label that had propelled his career to great heights.

He stated that Mohbad accused the label of failing to show him the love and support he expected, leading to his abrupt departure. What followed was a disturbing twist, as Mohbad associated with Naira Marley’s rivals, who allegedly orchestrated his murder to implicate Naira Marley.

Portable emphasized the irony that artists like Naira Marley invest their resources and mentorship to help young talents flourish, only to be met with betrayal.

He underscored that Naira Marley’s support for Mohbad had stemmed from a genuine and altruistic intention, making Mohbad’s alleged betrayal all the more painful and incomprehensible.

He further expressed optimisim that Naira Marley will be exonerated in no time.

Translating from Yoruba to English, he said:

“Mohbad was k!lled because he was a betrayer. We help these young artistes and make them blow but they repay us with evil. After everything Marlian music did for Mohbad, he later said they didn’t love him. He left the label and went to associate with the enemies of Naira Marley. Those ones then k!lled him to implicate Naira. God will save Naira from this mess because he only helped MohBad out of a good heart but he betrayed him”

Watch the video below:

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