Annie Idibia shares cryptic message
  • With a cute video of her, Annie advised her fans not to care about what anyone else has to say about them
  • She emphasized on how much she is living her best life ,while sending love and light to all those who have been lied to and misunderstood 

Annie Idibia, the actress and wife of Nigerian music legend, 2Baba, has recently shared a cryptic message that has raised eyebrows about what could be going on in her personal life.

The message seemed to suggest that Annie was done with people who were trying to bring her down and that she was determined to rise above the negativity.

The actress posted a video of herself having the time of her life while quoting a song from her hubby, 2baba.

Annie Idibia claimed to be in a phase where she just pays attention to what other people have to say but doesn’t care what they have to say about.

She advised her followers on how to truly live and quit listening to what every other person has to say about them.

Annie extended love to all of her followers who have experienced betrayal and misinterpretation from the people they care about.

She wrote:

See me as I Dey here, hear them and I don’t care !!!! (In baba voice)

Without your gist for their mouth, them go get toothache in (MI voice)
If nobody talks about you, then you are a NOBODY!!
So stop exiting and start LIVING.

Sending love and light to anyone who has been “misunderstood “ “lied on” or even ganged up Against!!
LET THEM ALL LINE UP AND BARK !! Cos guess what??? That’s all they know how to do… that’s all they can do .. BARK !!
Then sit on the head of the table and watch them walk away head down in shame with their tails b/w dia legs”.


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