How police officers assaulted and robbed me

How police officers assaulted and robbed me
  • In a recent video, the skitmaker Ekwutousi Philo poured her heart out, sharing a distressing encounter where she fell victim to a police assault and robbery on the road.
  • In the footage, she was locked in a fierce physical tussle with the officer, who was hell-bent on preventing her from capturing his actions on her phone.

Nigerian comedienne and MaryGrace Chioma Ogbu, better known as Ekwutousi Philo, has set the internet abuzz with her harrowing run-in with a police officers while out on the road.

In the video posted on her Instagram page, the Skitmaker courageously documented her confrontation with a police officer. He was caught sitting in her , made a brazen attempt to wrestle the recording phone from her grip, sparking a fierce tug-of-war, all while her dismay-filled screams pierced the air.

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In her account of the ordeal, the content creator revealed that she fell victim to a distressing incident on October 20, 2023, along the Alapere highway in Lagos around 5 o'clock in the morning.

She explained that after finishing a gig in Lagos and relying on a Google map that seemed to have a penchant for leading her astray, the situation took a nightmarish turn. Ekwutousi recounted that the moment she parked her car, she found herself sandwiched between two vehicles – one in front and the other at her rear.

To her utter amazement, she described how police officers emerged from these vehicles, making a forceful attempt to gain access to her car. They demanded that she follow them to an undisclosed location in their vehicle, all without disclosing her alleged wrongdoing.

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The Skitmaker recounted that, following a prolonged exchange, she reluctantly agreed to accompany them to their station. She even allowed one of the police officers to occupy the front seat of her car, with other officers tailing them in their own vehicles.

Ekwutousi Philo stated that during the journey to the station, she made the decision to go live on Instagram as a precaution. However, the police officer blatantly obstructed her, resorting to physical force and striking her in the process.

According to her, the police officer snatched her phone, making it impossible for her to save the recorded footage. But, her loyal followers acted like hawks, swooping in with screen recordings of her live video, which she subsequently shared.

She recounted how the police officer in her car aggressively wrestled the steering wheel from her when she resisted accompanying them to an undisclosed location. Fortunately, some passersby came to her rescue, prompting the officers to hastily depart.

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However, after their departure, the Skitmaker realized that her purse, containing valuable earrings and both dollar and naira bills, had mysteriously disappeared.

She stated that when she attempted to report the police officer to the Alapere division and other divisions, they consistently denied any knowledge of his identity.

Ekwutousi said It wasn't until a fellow officer, who happened to be her fan, discreetly admitted that the officer in question was, in fact, one of them.

The Skitmaker said the police officer went on to reveal that their stemmed from their involvement in questionable activities.



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