Brymo strikes back after Burna Boy roasted him with demeaning lyrics in viral freestyle

Brymo strikes back after Burna Boy roasted him with demeaning lyrics in viral freestyle
  • The music world is currently a battlefield, where the singers Brymo and Burna Boy have locked horns, and fans are swiftly aligning themselves.
  • In a freestyle that’s gone viral, Burna Boy delivered a powerful message, advising people to roll up their sleeves and work hard to avoid finding themselves in a situation similar to Brymo’s.
  • This fracas was ignited by Brymo’s bold claim that the self-proclaimed African Giant is a musical copycat, pinching tunes from others.

Nigerian songwriter and sonic artist, Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, aka Brymo, has retaliated on Twitter against his fellow artist, Burna Boy, branding him a talentless singer with the wisdom of a fool.

Brymo has thrown shade at Burna Boy several times, accusing him of lacking originality in his creative endeavors.

This feud reached a boiling point when Brymo accused the African Giant of swiping songs.

Burna Boy didn’t take that lying down, and in a video circulating online, he took a swipe at the Ara crooner during a freestyle while rehearsing with his band, Outsiders.

In his lyrics, he urged people to hustle hard so they won’t fall off like like Brymo did. 

Brymo didn’t turn a blind eye to the video and wasted no time sharing his thoughts, bluntly labeling the song’s lyrics as lacking any artistic flair.

In a rather punchy move, he advised Burna Boy to harness the publicity stemming from their quarrel.

Brymo coined it as the “Brymo effect,” a phenomenon he thinks can thrive without any artificial boosting, behind-the-scenes manipulation, or the need to hassle their musical peers, simply allowing the numbers to grow naturally.


This is coming days after Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, popularly known as Brymo, accused him of intellectual property theft.

The songwriter alleged that Burna Boy’s song, ‘City Boys’ and album titled ‘I Told Them’ sampled the title track of his upcoming album, ‘Macabre.’

He said what the dancehall and afrobeats star did was a “crime” and he should serve a jail term. He then made a reference to dancehall star, Blackface recent claim that some top musicians stole his songs. The ‘Ara’ crooner vowed to ensure that they regret their actions.

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