Simi tackles pastor who advices girls to ditch their natural hair .

Simi tackles pastor who advices girls to ditch their natural hair .
  • The female had adviced women to forego their hair in favor of wigs
  • In reaction, pointed out on the amount of self hate and pressure mounted on women to look good
  • Simi advised women to embrace their true self 

Simi discussed her thoughts on a female preacher who had advised young to abandon their natural hair in favor of wearing wigs.

making the case that keeping a professional appearance is vital. She made the suggestion that some women choose to forgo personal grooming after marriage in favor of the ease of having natural hair.

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Reiterating that ladies ought to spend more money on wigs and that having natural hair is not advantageous, the preacher stood at the pulpit and flaunted her own long, expensive wig. Her message came out as disparaging of individuals who prefer to accept their natural hair, even though her purpose may have been to inspire ladies to feel confident and elegant.

Reacting to the message, Simi highlighted the importance of embracing one's natural beauty, challenging societal norms and the pressures placed on women to conform to certain aesthetics.

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She voiced her opinion about the prevalence of self-hatred in society. She noted that in areas where gorgeous dark-skinned women predominate, whitening creams make up a sizable share of skincare products.

This, she stated, is indicative of a dominant narrative that propagates dissatisfaction with one's natural skin tone, Which Some people including the preacher are now speaking out against the acceptance of natural hair.

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According to Simi, people are told they aren't good enough by society norms and other forces rather than by themselves.

She underlined that as a prominent person at the pulpit, the female pastor should act as an inspiration to many, but instead she seem to be endorsing actions that are counterproductive to self-acceptance and self-love.

Simi tackles pastor who advices girls to ditch their natural hair .

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