NASENI secures $200m procurement deal with REA

NASENI secures 0m procurement deal with REA

NASENI secures $200m procurement deal with REA

The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure has achieved a significant milestone by securing a $ procurement agreement with the Rural Electrification Agency.

NASENI's Executive Vice Chairman, Khalil Suleiman Halilu, unveiled the deal during his first televised media interaction at the agency's headquarters.

The partnership signifies REA's commitment to procure equipment from NASENI, highlighting the agency's collaborations and growing interest from various stakeholders.

The news was shared in an official statement by NASENI's Director of Information, Olusegun Ayeoyenikan.

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He emphasised the agency's commitment to transparency and focus on meeting stakeholders' high expectations

“Expect some products from NASENI's R&D efforts in the Nigeria during the first quarter of 2024.

“We are going to do a national rebranding to have footsteps of NASENI products in every household in the country. In the next few years, this is what Nigerians should expect. We are no longer going to sit back to watch endless research and prototypes, keeping them on the shelves.

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“We will take them to the market so that Nigerians can consume them. In fact, one of our next year is to have NASENI Showrooms in key cities of the country.

“So NASENI products are not things you view only on televisions but anyone could walk into our product outlets to experience those technologies that we've been talking about. And that is another way we will be expecting the public to hold us accountable as part of the promises we made,” he said.

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According to him, since assuming office in September, he has made it a priority to focus on enhancing the human potential of the agency.

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