“I’m looking for a husband, marriage dey hungry me”

“I’m looking for a husband, marriage dey hungry me”
  • In a cheeky new post, young actress Mercy Kenneth humorously revealed her aspiration to tie the knot and professed her quest for a husband.
  • This whimsical yearning was inspired by her senior colleague Ekene Umenwa, who recently tied the knot with filmmaker Alex Kleanson, that left her effusing over their enchanting union.

Nollywood's teenage sensation, Mercy Kenneth, spilled the beans about her matrimonial aspirations in a fresh social media post, setting the online sphere abuzz with curiosity.

Only a short while ago, Mercy Kenneth's fellow actress, Ekene Umenwa, took the plunge into traditional matrimony with Filmmaker Alex Kleanson.

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The grand white wedding is on the horizon today, and Mercy Kenneth, quite smitten, couldn't resist pouring her heart out about the celebrity couple's love story on her social media platform.

In her post, accompanied by a captivating wedding picture of Ekene in her bridal gown and Alex looking sharp in his suit, she candidly expressed her eagerness to tie the knot, citing the divine blessing woven into their union as the driving force behind her desire.

Adding a touch of humor, she slyly included a note warning anyone against dissuading her from her dreams of , asserting that she's on the lookout for a husband.

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She wrote;

Social media said marriage no sweet. But seeing @ekene_umenwa @kleanson marriage com dey hungry me because God is involved in their marriage.

My beautiful aunty ur union is in Jesus name Amen. Let no one advice me because am looking for a husband I will pay to marry me today forget my age.”


"I'm looking for a husband, marriage dey hungry me" "I'm looking for a husband, marriage dey hungry me"

This comes on the heels of her making waves with a  where she spilled the beans on her secret skincare routine, all while flaunting her exquisite beauty.

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In this captivating clip shared on her Instagram page, the teenage sensation takes a bold step into the spotlight within a bathroom, letting the cascading shower rain down on her. With a touch of elegance and finesse, she unveils the ritual of applying skincare soap to her visage, leaving her devoted fans completely spellbound.

Draped in a snug bathroom robe, Mercy then proceeds to unveil her skincare regimen, showcasing the intricate process of applying and massaging cream onto her face and various parts of her body.

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