“S3x complicates everything” Bolanle speaks on abstinence

“S3x complicates everything” Bolanle speaks on abstinence
  • Olakuni  believes that complicates everything, including one's sense of reasoning 
  • She firmly believes that the true purpose of sex is to bond with someone you are in love with, stating that it shouldn't be taken as a casual act.

Bolanle, an outspoken advocate for , utilized her Twitter platform to discuss the impact of sex in love relationships.

She emphasized the importance of taking a step back from the physical aspects of relationships in order to build a stronger emotional connection.

She stressed how having sex can cloud judgment, making it harder to view things clearly and make wise judgments in relationships. She dispels the myth that having sex is only a lighthearted gesture, believing that the real goal of the activity is to strengthen your bond with the person you are genuinely in love with.

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Bolanle highlighted the societal pressures and misconceptions surrounding s3x, while shedding light on how opting for abstinence can potentially lead to healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

Although it's common in today's society to think of sex as “just sex,” Bolanle noted that sex is much more than just physical connection. It is a deep connection, she maintains, and one that should not be undervalued or ignored.

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"S3x complicates everything” Bolanle speaks on abstinence
A photo of Bolanle Olakuni

Bolanle also shared her own experience with abstinence, saying that it helps her make decisions in relationships more swiftly and rationally. By reorienting the focus from physical meetings to meaningful conversations and character evaluations, she discovers that abstinence cultivates a stronger sense of connection.

Sex complicates everything. You can't see clearly and you can't make decisions properly.

It was created to bond you to a person.

Convince yourself allll you want that it is just sex. It's not and will never be”.

"S3x complicates everything” Bolanle speaks on abstinence

She emphasized how important it is to love oneself, saying that she loves herself too much to waver from her values. Bolanle, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, God's wisdom, and her faith, is adamant that abstinence is the best course for her.

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"S3x complicates everything” Bolanle speaks on abstinence

Bolanle Olakuni encourages individuals to prioritize emotional intimacy and personal growth over the mere physicality often associated with romantic involvement.

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