Veekee James showers prayers on her husband-to-be (Video)

Veekee James showers prayers on her husband-to-be (Video)
  • James was seen in a viral clip, showering on her spouse, describing him as the love of her life
  • She stated that she prayed for someone like him, someone who is kind and loves God, and God gave her according to her heart desire
  • She prayed against anything that would come between them
  • Reactions trail video of the famous stylist, praying for her man

The well-known designer, who recently got engaged, was seen on video praying for her husband-to-be.

Praying for him, she claims that she has been praying to God for a perfect man and has been very particular about the kind of man she desires and finally God heard her prayers and has blessed her with him.

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In an impactful proclamation, she said that he would be recognized for who he is rather than as her spouse.

As she showered him with prayers, Veekee James prayed that their love would not be hampered by friends, , or social media influencers.

For years I have been asking you for a perfect man, and I have been very specific about the kind of man/partner I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Oh Lord, I decree and declare upon Femi, my husband-to-be, I that today will mark the day of doors opening, miracles unveiling. I pray from today, God's plan for you will begin to unfold.

When they describe you, they wouldn't describe you as Veekee's husband, they will identify you as you cause you will carry fire yourself.

No social media influence, friends, or family members will come in between this love that we share IJN” she wrote.

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Taking to the comment section, Seerah Love wrote, “That's an amazing prayer

Rn Pee wrote, “But it's not bad to be described as her husband na

The Cold Room Enterprise wrote, “That means she's praying for him to be significant

Hardey Hemy wrote, “Solid prayer from a woman who has a sense

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Onome Oja wrote, “I love how spiritual she is open”.

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