Popular Nigerian actor Natty Bruce reportedly dead

Popular Nigerian actor Natty Bruce reportedly dead
  • Nollywood is seemingly shrouded in sorrow as it reportedly bids farewell to one of its own, Idigbogu, a talented in the film industry who has allegedly passed away.
  • The sad news of the actor's passing was revealed by Shaibu Husseini, a journalist and lecturer, in a heartfelt post on his Facebook page.

Natty Bruce, a prominent figure in Nollywood as both an actor and producer, has reportedly passed away.

The news of this martial artist and actor's demise was shared on social media by Dr. Shaibu Husseini, a lecturer and journalist, through his Facebook page.

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While the specific cause of his demise remain unclear, Husseini claimed to have received information from credible sources confirming the actor's unfortunate departure.

Husseini highlighted the visionary aspirations of the late actor, emphasizing Natty Bruce's dream to incorporate martial arts into Nollywood productions.

He further revealed that Natty Bruce had taken steps to produce a full-length martial arts movie before his untimely demise, underscoring his commitment to his artistic vision.

Bading him goodnight, he wrote,

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“I have just been reliably informed that light has dimmed on foremost Nollywood's ‘martial arts' actor, Natty Bruce. Tbe green belter was passionate about integrating Martial Arts into Nollywood movies.

“He also tried to produce a full-length Martial Art movie… Good night Oga Natty…… bye bye Sir”.


Popular Nigerian actor Natty Bruce reportedly dead

In other news, Nigerian actor Kelechi Udegbe has expressed his appreciation to God after narrowly escaping in a horrific vehicle crash.

The thespian posted photographs and footage of the incident on his official Instagram account, stating that he was filled with mixed emotions.

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He claimed that the incident happened just before arriving on a movie set for a new film by ace Nigerian director Kunle Afolayan.

Kelechi Udegbe further said that the terrible accident could have killed him in an instant and went on to say that God had worked an incredible miracle to give him a second opportunity.

The actor has reassured fans that he is fine and will quickly return to the big screen.

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