Kanayo O Kanayo warns Nigerian youths against money rituals

Kanayo O Kanayo warns Nigerian youths against money rituals
  • Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo warns Nigerian youth against engaging in money rituals to attain wealth.
  • He dismisses the connection between offering human sacrifices and financial prosperity, emphasizing the importance of hard work.
  • Kanayo O Kanayo debunks myths about individuals in thatched houses promoting heinous acts for wealth gains
  • Kanayo shares a personal story of building his house without resorting to any sacrifices, attributing his success to hard work.

In a recent virtual Town Hall Meeting hosted by Ikenga Online in November 2023, renowned Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo took a stand against the dangerous trend of money rituals among Nigerian youths.

The actor, who has been associated with ritualistic roles in his movie career, emphasized that there is no connection between offering human sacrifices and acquiring wealth.

Instead, he encouraged Nigerian youths to pursue success through hard work and legitimate means.

Kanayo O Kanayo, often referred to as KOK, addressed the misconceptions and myths surrounding money-making rituals in Nigeria.

He debunked the idea that individuals living in thatched houses would ask others to commit heinous acts, such as killing their girlfriends, as a means to amass wealth.

He asserted that such notions are pure fiction and have no basis in reality.

The actor also shed light on the evolution of scams, particularly Yahoo Promax, where individuals are lured into committing gruesome acts, including taking another person’s life and consuming their heart, with the misguided belief that it would lead to financial success.

Kanayo O Kanayo made it abundantly clear that there is no genuine connection between such horrifying acts and financial prosperity, reiterating that money is earned through diligence and hard work.

Kanayo O Kanayo shared a personal anecdote about his own journey to success without engaging in any form of sacrifice.

He revealed how he laid the foundation for his house in 2015 and shortly afterward secured a significant endorsement deal with Globacom, a telecommunications company owned by Mike Adenuga.

The lucrative campaign involved performances in various cities, and he received a substantial payment upfront.

With the earnings from this campaign, he was able to build his house without resorting to any rituals.

He also mentioned an alternative choice he faced during that time, considering buying a brand new 2015 Range Rover.

In his words;

“These people (youths) have up their ante and it is not about what they watch (movies). There is no truth to the fact that a man living in a thatched house will ask you to kill your girlfriend and sleep with her to make money.

“The Yahoo (scam) we knew many years ago was writing letters and promising deals that were utopian. We know many people who are in public office today who were part of it. I will not want to mention names.

“But today people are told that. The in-thing is Yahoo Promax, which involves killing someone, eating the heart of the person and washing it down with Hennessy, and the belief that you will make money. I can’t see any connection between that and making money. Money is made through hard work.”

Speaking about how he made money overnight to build a mansion in his hometown, which was a surprise to many, KOK said he did not indulge in any sacrifice.

“I laid the foundation of my house in 2015, and in 2016, Globacom, owned by Mike Adenuga, signed me as one of those to be a part of a nationwide campaign it was holding.

“The money was huge. It involved performances in many cities, but sometimes they count 10 cities and pay us upfront, even before we start visiting those cities.

“So, I made a lot of money and built my house. I can say I made a sacrifice to build that house because, at that time, I had the option of buying a brand new 2015 Range Rover. If I had bought it, today, I would have been seen as someone who was driving an old Range Rover.

“So the sacrifice I made was that I left the Range Rover and completed my house. That was the sacrifice I made”

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