Foundation, NCF promote afforestation

Foundation, NCF promote afforestation

Foundation, NCF promote afforestation

The British American Tobacco and Nigerian Conservation Foundation have launched an afforestation and natural resource management initiative to revive the Ajingi Forest Reserve in Kano State.

In a statement, the foundation said in conjunction with launched the initiative with the planting of 5,000 tree plantings in the Ajingi Forest Reserve, Kano and aimed to plant 50,000 trees by 2027.

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It stated, “British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation, as part of its broader community-based initiatives, supports afforestation, biodiversity conservation, environmental protection, and the prevention of deforestation and habitat fragmentation.

“Beyond merely replenishing the forest cover, the planting of these trees also aims to sequester carbon dioxide, a significant contributor to global action.”

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According to the BAT Foundation, the benefits of this endeavour extend beyond carbon capture, as the restored forest will enhance biodiversity and ecological equilibrium.

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