Harrysong reportedly marries 30 women in one day

Harrysong reportedly marries 30 women in one day
  • Popular , Harrysong is said to have 30 women in one .
  • According to Vanguard, the singer was spotted in a video with a of women all donning matching traditional attires.
  • The crooner on his part is yet to react to the circulating report about him.

Famous singer, Harrysong has thrust himself into the limelight by reportedly marrying 30 women in a single day, surpassing the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti's record of 27 wives in a day.

According to the media house, Vanguard, the singer recently took a bold step which has stunned many. While some netizens dismissed the move as another publicity stunt, Vanguard held that a video from the moment served as proof.

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However, the founder of Alter Plate Records, Harrysong, has chosen to remain silent on the matter, refraining from commenting on the swirling rumors about his 30 wives.

It was further reported that in the visually striking video, Harrysong was surrounded by a bevvy of women, all elegantly dressed in matching traditional attire, indicating the newly minted brides.

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The viral video has ignited conversations about the singer's motivations for this unprecedented act, leaving fans and the public alike pondering its implications on both his personal life and career.

Harrysong's bold move challenges societal norms and expectations, sparking discussions on the evolving dynamics of relationships and marriage in contemporary . While some applaud his audacity, others are intrigued by the practicality of managing such a unique marital arrangement.

As news of the event circulates, inevitable comparisons between Harrysong and Fela Kuti arise, with fans questioning the singer's motives. The impact of this development on Harrysong's image within the music industry and its potential influence on his future artistic endeavours remain uncertain.

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Vanguard further claimed that when Harrysong was queried about the video and the 30 wives concept, Harrysong cryptically urged fans to anticipate the forthcoming release of the video in the coming days, leaving the public eager to unravel the mystery behind this unconventional union.

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