moment Chef Tolani informs friends and family of her pregnancy

moment Chef Tolani informs friends and family of her pregnancy
  • In the video, her and family could be seen overwhelmed with Joy while thanking God for blessing her with the fruit of the womb
  • Social media users celebrates with her for the new gift and for the kind of good friends she has

In an emotional moment filled with tears of joy and overwhelming happiness, Chef Tolani had announced to her family and friends that she was expecting a baby.

The news came as a surprise to everyone, but the excitement and love in the room were palpable.

Following the birth of her beautiful daughter, Tifeoluwa Faiza Osikoya, the cook was recently inundated with congratulations.

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The food blogger got in 2021, but had ever since ,struggled to take in.

Many of her fans still recalls a comment someone left on one of her blogs, saying that since she didn't have any kids, her kitchen was always spotless.

She has been eventually rewarded by God, and she made her pregnancy public for the first time in a video with close friends and family.

In the video, they could be seen and muttering, “I you” in an exuberant and joyful manner.

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Chef Tolani communicated how they had supported her during her dark days and expressed her gratitude to them .

Many Internet users were appreciative of the network of support Chef Tolani was bestowed with, have rejoiced alongside the chef in the comments section.

adejokeafricana wrote: “I am holding on to this testimony knowing that you are the onlv true God…… Please,grant my request and come through for me too, God the baby, keep the baby and cause his face to shine on the baby, Amen”

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jbums said: “All dramatic friends gather here ???????????? I'm the ring leader!! If we no off cloth and roll, how would you knowwwwwwww”.

alex_unusual wrote: “Headache ooooo!!!! How am I crying and laughing then crying while laughing, This video. God bless you, your and family with so much love and care.”

ms_asoebi observed: “aaawww I see a strong and beautiful support system”

manlikemuky said: “I don't even know why a whole man like me, a father of 2, with 2 wives I be shedding tears over this. I am really a baby”.

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