Actress Iya Osogbo hops on viral ‘I’m not the bride’ challenge with her grandkids [VIDEO]

Actress Iya Osogbo hops on viral ‘I’m not the bride’ challenge with her grandkids [VIDEO]
  • Osogbo has hopped on a viral TikTok with her grandchildren and great-grandson.
  • The challenge called the ‘I am not the bride' had the 93 year old proclaiming that she is ‘Iya Osogbo'
  • The video has garnered a lot of praise from her fans.

Legendary Nigerian film actress, Madam Grace Owoola Oyin-Adejobi, popularly known as ‘Iya Osogbo',  has once again stolen the hearts of fans with her latest social media move.

Moments ago, a video of the 93-year-old movie star participating in a trending social media challenge with her grandchildren and great-grandson made the rounds.

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In the video which was posted on TikTok, Iya Osogbo, and her clan were seen doing their version of the popular ‘I'm not the bride' challenge.

The clip showed a group of youngsters on a line as they noted that they were not Iya Osogbo but they explained who they were to her. They included her theater grandchild, her best girl, her grandson, and more.

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At the end of the line was Iya Osogbo who majestically stood up from the chair she was sitting on, to introduce herself as the real deal. After she announced herself, her all ran to hug her as they smiled for the camera. See the heartwarming video and some below:

SofiatAdeyeye wrote: The way the woman still put herself in character for me. See the expression mehn.

b_etty_o wrote: This movie that gave me sleepless night growing up.. may continue to strengthen her.

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_nefertiitii wrote: She‘s surrounded by love, she‘ll definitely have long life.

opueneall wrote: Awwh this is emotional… her face at the end.

kate_e_bassey wrote: Oh wow…. Good to know she is still alive.

edos_artistry wrote: I love this so much.

ayodele_ee wrote: Omo, Long Life to her I pray long life for myself too Insha Allahu.

nickicarl_ wrote: This is beautiful to watch.

gosfabrics wrote: Aging gracefully..she is such a great actress.

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