Chrisean Rock Chats About Her New Love Interest

Chrisean Rock Chats About Her New Love Interest


In the latest installment of Cam Newton’s podcast, Funky Friday, Chrisean Rock revealed that she has a budding romance that doesn’t make her feel blue.

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The rapper’s revelation of a new love interest has had social media abuzz, considering she intentionally failed to identify who her suitor is.

“I like this boy I’m talking to,” Chrisean joyfully shared to Newton, igniting comments of curiosity and elation amongst fans. The 34-year-old host asked Chrisean to clarify what the term “talking” meant.

“What’s talking?” Newton inquired, prompting Chrisean to explain the dynamic of her relationship with her new boo.

“We just talking, we haven’t f****d or nothing,” she said bluntly. “We talk, we pray, we cuddle. And we haven’t been on our first date yet; I’ve been working,” she explained.

Fans were pleased to see that the “Vibe” singer has seemingly stepped away from her child’s father, rapper, Blueface.

Social media users also praised Cam for his interview skills, noting he was able to disarm the reality star and highlight her “humanness.”

An X user shared, “I’m watching the chrisean rock and cam newton interview & outside of a few parts I think that’s the first time I’ve looked at that girl as human.. cam was the perfect person to ask her questions he was uplifting and very sensitive. first time I’ve seen her.”

Another added, “What?? @FunkyFriday Cam can PRAY?That’s So Sexyy!Men.He made her look so Healthy & Safe, his Funky Dope masculine energy softened her. I ChriseanTHANK YOU CAM FOR COVERING HER AND BEING A REAL KING”.


Someone else added, “I LOVE this interview that Cam Newton did on #ChriseanRock He gave her some big bro game, spoke to her honestly, and she respected it because of how he carries himself. SOMETIMES ITS NOT THE MESSAGE, ITS THE MESSENGER”.



Some male X users tweeted they were attracted to Chrisean for the first time upon seeing her softer side and others alleged that the 23-year-old might have been crushing on the Heisman trophy winner.

Chrisean was seen blushing, giggling, and caressing her hair as she chatted with the athlete.

“When a woman smiles and plays with her hair in mid conversation, she feelin you.”

Someone else stated Chrisean’s energy was more relaxed than he’s ever seen in past interviews.

“She seems happy and goofy in his space….. interesting.”

Newton spoke life into the new mom throughout the interview and even called her a “helluva woman.”


Fans noted the former athlete seemed to really receive the words of the NFL free agent.

Clearly, Cam can bring the softer side out of Ms. Rock, and hopefully, her new mystery boo can too.

Elsewhere in Chrisean Rock’s interview, she opened up about her alleged assault of James Wright Chanel at Tamar Braxton’s concert.

Chrisean Rock Addresses Tamar Braxton Concert Controversy With Cam Newton


As previously reported the Baltimore native has been in the headlines for allegedly punching singer James Wright Chanel at Tamar Braxton’s concert.

Braxton confirmed the assault, but the rapper has denied any wrongdoing and instead said that the singer and her team are clout-chasing.

N****s is evil nowadays and they so old and washed up, they don’t know what to do,” said Chrisean on an IG Live. “That’s the last resort. So, good luck with that though. I left my son at home to get embarrassed? And then they tried to lie about the embarrassment and say I hit somebody.”

She continued,

“Did I hit somebody or get embarrassed? It would have been a video! […] They lying and s***, don’t got no police report.” Just clout chasing.”

She reiterated her clout-chasing claims while chatting with Cam Newton and said she felt “set up.”

“That s*** was so weird,” said Chrisean. “Everyone wanna use me as clickbait. I didn’t get into nothing, I went somewhere, I was invited and then I was set up.”

Watch Chrisean Rock’s Funky Friday interview with Cam Newton below.



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