Yhemo Lee gives reasons why he love dating ‘gold diggers’

Yhemo Lee gives reasons why he love dating ‘gold diggers’
  • Yhemo Lee revealed that he typically pursues ladies who are gold diggers because those individuals understand his worth
  • He claimed that if these women accept him, it would be a clear sign that they recognized the priceless “gold” he has in his possession

Popular socialite, Yhemo Lee sheds light on his unexpected love for “gold diggers” and outlines his reasons behind this seemingly controversial choice.

While many men often vilify individuals seeking financial gain in relationships, Yhemo Lee challenges these preconceived notions, arguing that there are deeper layers to this phenomenon.

Several days ago, Yhemo Lee made waves on social media when he claimed in a podcast that a man would frequently prefer his side chick over his mother and give her more money than he would his parents.

A photo of Yhemo Lee

He stated recently that he usually goes after women who are gold diggers because they usually see the potential he has to offer.

He analyzed that it would be an indication that these women appreciated the valuable “gold” he held if they came up to him.

Me I like gold diggers o. It simply means, for you to want to dig gold, that means I have got gold baby” he spoke in pidgin

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls that Yhemo Lee and new girlfriend unfollow each other months after getting matching tattoo

The couple, who had initially captivated fans with their love story, has now unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The romance saga began when Yhemo Lee, seeking solace from a tumultuous past with ex-girlfriend Thayour B, found love anew in the arms of another woman.

The new couple had become the talk of the town, with their public displays of affection, culminating in the symbolic act of getting matching tattoos to solidify their bond.

However, the same symbols that were meant to represent everlasting love now seem to be fading, mirroring the alleged decline in their relationship.

Speculations regarding the unraveling of their romance arose when keen-eyed social media users noticed that Yhemo Lee and his girlfriend had mutually unfollowed each other on Instagram.

This recent twist comes barely 5 months after the duo proudly showcased their matching tattoos on social media platforms, drawing admiration and envy alike from their followers.

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