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How Federal Govt Should Tackle Security Challenges – Expert



How Federal Govt Should Tackle Security Challenges – Expert
How Federal Govt Should Tackle Security Challenges – Expert

A security expert, Dr Kabir Adamu has called on the federal government to address drivers of insecurity before adopting military options in pursuit of peace.

He said politics has weaponised economic grievances hence, the need to address such grievances. Kabir, who is the managing director Beacon Consulting, during an exclusive chat with LEADERSHIP said government must respond to security challenges in a manner that addresses the root causes which he listed as socio-economic grievances, climate change effects, population growth, competition for resources, proliferation of weapons, and drug abuse amongst others.

He said, “Let’s address these root causes of insecurity, at the moment we are not doing enough to address insecurity, for us to get to that point where we want to be, we have to address these root causes.

“We have a security architecture that does not recognize that security in 2021 is not the same as security in 1960 when the colonial masters handed over power to us, at that time security was state centric but in 2021, security is citizen centered. Even though we have a document that said we should do that, we are yet to implement it. This kind of security architecture is not appropriate for our modern setting.

“Lack of accountability within the security set up, no monitoring and evaluation within the national security architecture. We need a strong monitoring and evaluation system and oversight.”

He said the National Assembly that is supposed to perform oversight functions lack capacity to do so hence, the need for them to hire experts to support.

He also blamed lack of coordination between the various agencies of government saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the protection of the citizens and the justice system for aggravating insecurity.

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“There are drivers of insecurity and as a people we are yet to start addressing them.


“Number one starting with the way we portray the security challenges, we are yet to disaggregate them and report them for what they are. Same group in the North are reported as bandits and in the South are reported as unknown gunmen but they are doing the same thing in terms of offences recognised by the constitution.

“Number two, is our value system that has so depreciated. Our humanity is not what it used to be, we are no longer our neighbours’ keeper and this is a failure of various institutions that have the responsibility of shaping our value system starting with the family to the educational institution and the media,” he added.

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He said the way these issues are portrayed also helped in depreciating the value system.

“Then socio-economic grievances within the country and unfortunately politicians who are supposed to address these socio-economic grievances have actually weaponised them to achieve their objectives and further divide us.

“Politics has weaponised these economic grievances, some of which are political, so at the federal level you have some parts of the country unhappy that they have not been given a chance to govern the country e.g. the South East. “Whether that is real or not there is a perception and some unwholesome politicians have weaponised that into driving insecurity.”

He said there are too many weapons in the hands of non -state actors as compared to security forces.



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