Poco Lee and Kizz Daniel join forces to ‘Unleash’ a captivating musical fusion

Poco Lee and Kizz Daniel join forces to ‘Unleash’ a captivating musical fusion

Kizz Daniel

, the dynamic Nigerian entertainer celebrated for his prowess as a dancer, hypeman, and all-around showstopper, has taken a thrilling leap into the world with his latest release, aptly titled “.” What sets this release apart is the remarkable collaboration with none other than the sensational hitmaker, Kizz Daniel, whose vocal brilliance shines brilliantly on this vibrant track.

“Unleash” is a compelling musical creation that seamlessly merges Poco Lee's boundless energy and infectious vibes with Kizz Daniel's unmistakable vocal finesse. The synergy between these two extraordinary talents is undeniable, resulting in a that is both melodically engaging and rhythmically captivating. Kizz Daniel's contribution adds a layer of depth that complements Poco Lee's infectious energy, making this track a true standout.

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Behind the scenes, the production of “Unleash” is expertly guided by the talented beatmaker, Semzi. His rich and dynamic musical landscape provides the perfect canvas for Poco Lee and Kizz Daniel to weave their magic.

For Poco Lee, “Unleash” marks his inaugural release for 2023, showcasing his unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries in the entertainment industry. While widely recognised for his electrifying dance moves and infectious stage presence, Poco Lee continues to captivate audiences, not only with his dance prowess but also with his remarkable venture into the world of music.

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On the flip side, for Kizz Daniel, “Unleash” signifies his first musical endeavour since the release of his highly acclaimed fourth studio album, “Maverick.” This collaboration with Poco Lee underscores Kizz Daniel's versatility and his willingness to explore fresh musical horizons.

“Unleash” stands as a testament to the boundless creativity that emerges when two remarkable talents like Poco Lee and Kizz Daniel unite. This track is sure to captivate music enthusiasts and leave them eagerly anticipating what these extraordinary artists will unveil next.


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