Baton Rouge Police investigated by FBI over Brave Cave abuse

Baton Rouge Police investigated by FBI over Brave Cave abuse

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violence and corruption is running rampant all across Amerikkka yet people will still try to convince you that they are worthy of public support.

The Baton Rouge Police Department is currently under investigation for serious civil rights violations and violence against alleged suspects. According to AP News, the FBI has confirmed that they are looking into allegations regarding a torture chamber-esque police facility that has been dubbed “The Brave ” where folks have reportedly been detained, beaten, abused, questioned, and strip-searched out of the view of the public. One woman says an officer forced her to remove her clothes while scanning her body with a flashlight. Another man says he was beaten so badly that he required medical attention before he could be booked into jail.

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This is the blue that conservatives demand that you to “back”.

In light of the allegations, Mayor Sharon Weston Broome has ordered the facility closed and has disbanded the city's street crimes unit. One of the most central to the investigation is the son of the current deputy chief and has resigned upon being arrested for simple battery.

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If you'll remember, the Baton Rouge police gunned down Alton Sterling back in 2016 after misidentifying him as a man who was reportedly “waving a gun” in public. Sterling was wearing similar clothing to the suspect and officers figured that was good enough reason to end his life in a hail of bullets. As a result, the city paid out a $4.5 million settlement to his family. Police Chief Murphy was hired to cleanse the department of such vermin following Sterling's killing. He reportedly drove the FBI office in New Orleans personally to see to it that they investigated the .

“There were some mistakes made,” Paul told The Associated Press, acknowledging that his internal affairs division initially failed to investigate. “I promise you we will get to the bottom of this.”

We gon' see because we're damn sure watching…

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