“I’m ready to return to Nigeria if my safety is guaranteed” – Naira Marley 

“I’m ready to return to Nigeria if my safety is guaranteed” – Naira Marley 
  • Naira Marley has declared his readiness to return to Nigeria to address allegations related to Mohbad’s tragic death.
  • Naira Marley emphasized the influence of media narratives in poisoning public opinion regarding his involvement in Mohbad’s demise.
  • He expressed his willingness to return but under the condition that his safety is guaranteed.
  • Naira Marley shared a past incident where he intervened to prevent Mohbad from self-harm, highlighting his genuine concern for his ex-signee, Mohbad.

Controversial Nigerian rapper, Naira Marley, declared his intention to return to Nigeria to clear his name regarding allegations surrounding the tragic incident involving ex-signee Mohbad.

The Marlian Music executive expressed deep concern for the situation during his first interview since the incident occurred.

Naira Marley vows to clear his name amid Mohbad controversy
Naira Marley.

Mohbad’s untimely demise has been surrounded by controversy, with Naira Marley being linked to the circumstances leading to the tragedy after videos of Mohbad being assaulted surfaced on social media.

While addressing these claims, Naira Marley pointed out that there has been an extensive influence of media narratives, potentially poisoning public perception.

He emphasized his willingness to return to Nigeria to address the allegations but insisted that his safety must be guaranteed.

He shared a concerning incident from the past when he was in America and received a call from Mohbad’s girlfriend, reporting that Mohbad had locked himself in a bathroom and expressed intentions of self-harm.

In response, Naira Marley engaged in a conversation with Mohbad, attempting to provide support and counsel.

In the recorded conversation, Naira Marley can be heard advising Mohbad to seek a peaceful resolution with his family, reassuring him of his worth and urging him not to succumb to distress.

The rapper’s sincere concern for Mohbad’s well-being was evident as he tried to understand the reasons behind his distress.

In Naira Marley’s words;

“There was another time when I was in America and his girl called me to say he locked himself in the toilet and he wanted to kil.l himself or something like that. So, I called him from there and recorded the conversation, asking him: “Why did you want to kil.l yourself? You are a king, if your family is stressing you out(because this time, he was with his family and all his family was around him) just tell them to chill, you can do what you want to do, do not stress yourself, if you kil.l yourself now, what do you want people to say.

I was so concerned so I called him to try to give him rest of mind, if your family is stressing you out, leave.”

“He wanted to commit su.ic_ide, in the video, I was just trying to find out what was wrong with him.”

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