Frank Artus pens emotional note to daughter on her birthday

Frank Artus pens emotional note to daughter on her birthday
  • The NollyWood couldn't keep calm as he shared pictures of him and his in celebration of her
  • He described the feeling of watching her grow and reminded her that no matter her age, she will always be his little girl

Sharing a tender moment on social media, Artus penned a touching message to commemorate her daughter's special day.

The Nollywood actor posted a side-by-side snapshot of him and his daughter when she was young and now that she is an adult to commemorate her day.

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Frank Artus expressed deep emotions, declaring that his daughter will forever hold a cherished place in his heart.

He recalled how she used to fit in his arms the size of his pillow while he rocked her to sleep, and how she is now his height.

He observed how quickly the years passed, but reminded her that despite her age, she will always be his baby.

+1 Ardell Frank
I remember when you could fit in the size of a pillow in my arms while I rocked you to sleep, and now you're already my height.
Time flies, but you'll be my little girl forever” he wrote.

Earlier this year, Frank Artus faced alot of backlash from online users who claimed she was maltreating her wife because she looked much older than him in their anniversary picture.

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Frank who wasn't having it, slams , reveals why he married older woman

It is no longer news that the star is married to a woman years older than him.

Regardless of his wife's age, Artus Frank appears deeply in love with her and unconcerned about the age difference.

Blasting age-shamers, Frank Artus advised them to refrain from mentioning his wife's name.

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According to him, he married a ‘woman in whom he is well pleased with'.

Sharing some couple photos, he wrote:

Leave my wife's name out of your mouths!

I did not marry AGE!

I married a WOMAN in whom iam well pleased with. #20yearsIsNot20days”

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