“I was 14 I lost my virginity in my father’s house” Cynthia Morgan

“I was 14 I lost my virginity in my father’s house” Cynthia Morgan
  • The singer shared a of disturbing events from her past that involve a loss of innocence, and a horrible experience with her dad
  • She revealed how she lost her and how her her half-sister and manipulated her into becoming part of a social tool for months

Nigerian musician Cynthia recently made a shocking revelation about the terrifying circumstances she went through as a teenager.

The artist has opened up about a number of terrible incidents from her life, including losing her innocence, being betrayed by family members, and having a rocky relationship with her father.

Cynthia Morgan revealed that she lost her virginity at the age of 14 while still living at her father's house.

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She confessed that her half-sister and brother duped her into participating in a months-long social experiment. This profoundly painful encounter left her emotionally traumatized and causing her to rethink her familial ties.

According to Cynthia Morgan, she was targeted by her own siblings after courageously confiding in her mother about the ordeal.

They bullied her at school, begging her classmates not to befriend her and even inciting others to pick on her. As a teenager, the artist faced a never-ending barrage of abuse.

The most shocking aspect of her announcement, however, is her need for a DNA test to establish her paternity.

Cynthia Morgan's father had returned to her life in 2016, bringing with him the optimism that the anguish of her past could finally be put behind her.

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However, this reconciliation, according to her, degenerated into a repeat of the prior turbulence, with her father obviously involved in the effort to torment her. She also hinted at a darker purpose, implying that their goal might have been to hurt her.

“I  was barely 14 when I lost my virginity in my house because my half sister and brother decided to be using me for sexual experiment… this shit went on for months till I was able to tell my mum it sure didn't stop there because they hated me for telling my mum and went on to start bullying me in school and telling their friends to not befriend me and always pick on me so they can beat me. I went through all this as a teen.”

“I was 14 I lost my virginity in my father's house” Cynthia Morgan “I was 14 I lost my virginity in my father's house” Cynthia Morgan

This revelation comes after Cynthia Morgan blasted her father on Instagram, calling him a liar who puts materialistic goals above others' needs and lacks compassion for her suffering.

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She explained that her father's go-to line is that she owes it to him to take care of him so he can pray for him, highlighting that she owes him nothing.

In addition, Cynthia Morgan disclosed that she is the fifth of her mother's nine children and charged her father with spreading misinformation inside the family.

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