US crowd’s rendition of Adekunle Gold’s hit song brings him to tears, renders him speechless

US crowd’s rendition of Adekunle Gold’s hit song brings him to tears, renders him speechless
  • Adekunle Gold was reduced to a state of blissful euphoria as US crowd showered him with adoration at the concert where he gracefully concluded his North American tour.
  • The singer found himself caught in a whirlwind of emotions while performing on stage, as concertgoers came together to serenade his tunes as one, rendering him utterly wordless.

In Edmonton, USA, Adekunle Gold, the Nigerian music sensation , experienced an exceptional level of fans’ acceptance as he took the stage before a massive crowd.

During the crescendo of his performance, he was spotted on stage bowing his head, awash with a flood of emotions, as the audience went into a frenzy, almost relieving him of his duty as the entertainer.

As he raised his head, they began to belt out his chart-topping single, “Party No They Stop,” word for word, at the top of their lungs, leaving the singer in awe as he gazed upon the spectacle, tears of gratitude welling in his eyes for the resounding popularity of his music.


The singer set his North American tour in motion several moons ago, gracing the stage in 17 concerts across 17 bustling cities, casting the melodious spell of Afrobeats music like a musical pied piper.

This is coming weeks after his wife Simi, and her daughter, Deja, surprised him on stage.

AG Baby, in the midst of his ‘Tequila Ever After’ music tour in the United States, wowed the audience with a spellbinding performance at a recent concert.

His joy was contagious as he warmly invited his wife and their cherished daughter, Deja, to join him on stage. Simi, with Deja nestled on her hip, shared a tender embrace with him before he introduced his beloved family to the enthusiastic crowd.

Their young daughter was handed the microphone and, brimming with confidence, she greeted the thrilled fans who erupted in cheers.

Adekunle Gold was left almost lost for words by the heartwarming surprise from his dear family.

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