I can’t work with Erekere on your set, I’ll refund your money

I can’t work with Erekere on your set, I’ll refund your money
  • Erekere's side-splitting track of thievery sent shivers down the spine of comic actor Mr. Londoner, a fear that was vividly captured during their recent on-set encounter.
  • In a hilariously apprehensive manner, Mr. Londoner emphatically stated to Segun Ogungbe that the prospect of working alongside Erekere on the set was simply out of the question.
  • The ensuing on-set drama vividly underscored and validated his initial fears.

The viral video capturing the Nigerian skit Erekere, along with the movie stars Mr. Londoner and Segun Ogungbe on set, has sent social media into fits of laughter, leaving many in stitches and splitting sides.

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In the hilarious online video, Mr. Londoner was spotted taking a seat, throwing some questions at Segun Ogungbe. He was digging for the lowdown on the part where Segun's choice of gateman gets into the act, wondering who was cast as the gatekeeper.

Ogungbe coolly responded that Erekere, who happened to be right there, would be taking on the role of his gateman. His words sent a wave of unease through the Londoner, who couldn't help but challenge Ogungbe's decision to pair him and Erekere in a scene with the Skitmaker, notorious for his reputation as a thief.

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Even after Ogungbe's insistence on him teaming up with Erekere,Mr. Londoner stood his , stating that he'd rather refund the than work with Erekere in the project.

Right then and there, Erekere confirmed Londoner's worst fears by pulling off a stunt that left both Londoner and Segun Ogungbe flabbergasted. Erekere swiped one of the cameras on set and managed to steal Mr. Londoner's phone and car keys, leaving them both in a state of utter shock.

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This is coming weeks after Erekere ‘Pastor Pikin' left many laughing after he shared a video of him leisurely walking into Mavin's office.

The clip showed the comedian jokingly taunting the security personnel about his ability to steal from their office despite their watchful eyes.

Towards the end of the clip, Erekere was spotted with a merchant as he to sell one of Rema's Headies Awards he stole from Mavin's office.

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