“My daughter cannot bring a person Iike Rema home because he has no morals” – Blackface

“My daughter cannot bring a person Iike Rema home because he has no morals” – Blackface
  • Veteran musician Blackface voiced concerns about the idea of his daughter marrying Rema, citing the singer’s perceived lack of morals.
  • Blackface made these remarks during an interview on the Honest Bunch podcast.
  • Blackface pointed to a line from Rema’s song “Charm,” where Rema boldly claims, “I get money pass your papa,” as an example of the singer’s perceived lack of moral values. 
  • Blackface emphasized the importance of artists upholding moral standards and suggested that their lyrics often reflect their true character.

In a recent interview on the Honest Bunch podcast, veteran Nigerian singer Blackface made headlines by expressing his reservations about the idea of his daughter marrying someone like the rising star Rema, citing concerns about the singer’s apparent lack of morals.

Blackface took the opportunity during the interview to address the moral values he believes are lacking in some contemporary artists.

He pointed to Rema and his lyrics as an example, particularly citing a line from Rema’s song “Charm” where the singer boldly proclaims, “I get money pass your papa.”


The singer concluded that he could not fathom his daughter bringing a man into their family home who would utter such a statement.

Blackface’s comments highlight his concerns about Rema’s character and the influence such lyrics may have on the younger generation.

According to Blackface, it is essential for artists to uphold certain moral standards, and the lyrics they sing are often a reflection of their true character.


He believes that Rema’s lyrics reveal a lack of respect and humility, qualities he would expect in someone who may become a part of his family through his daughter.

This statement from Blackface has sparked a heated debate among fans, music enthusiasts, and the general public.

Netizens Reactions…

adesope_shopsydoo reacted: “Rema is one of the most well behaved personalities in Africa and ME | love his lyrics ,….”

teeh_lyfstyle penned: “The question is where your daughter wan see Rema. Dey play”

opeyemifamakin remarked: “Abeg, abeg, when this guy drops a song, ABEG. Everyone stream it so he can blow and stop being bitter and KEEP QUIET. Nah everything this guy dey vex for”

ladyque_1 said: “Werey take the lyrics personal”

christiana_jegson stated: “He didn’t take it personal and he’s not v bitter , ya all are quick to say people are 298 feeling bitter or they are haters smh, if u like a man that can insult ur dad then fine go for him , different people with what they want , that’s his choice”

buchy1987 commented: “Truth be said most Nigeria song lyrics especially from the gen.z are absolutely 319 tr@sh.”

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