“Kcee is yet to give us a dime”
  • Young Igbo performer, Igwe Credo Mbem and manager of Ojazzy, the boy behind the flute in 's hit track, ‘Ojapiano' has called out the singer and his brother, E-.
  • Igwe Credo in an interview with Yan Baba alleged that KCee and 5 Star Music deceived him and Ojazzy.
  • Specifically, he pointed out that despite the viral success of the song “Ojapiano”, Kcee had not compensated him and Ojazzy for their contribution to creating the distinctive Ojapiano sound.

Igwe Credo Mbem, a young Igbo artist and manager of the talented flautist, Ojazzy Igbonile, has recently stirred up significant controversy online.

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This uproar stemmed from a in which he openly criticized the famous singer Kcee and his record label, 5 Star Music.

In an interview with Yan Kontent Factory, Igwe Credo shared insights into his association with Ojazzy and the dynamics of their relationship.

He also shed light on their experience with KCee and his treatment towards them when they moved to Lagos to produce the widely acclaimed track, “Ojapiano.”

Igwe Credo disclosed that, despite their contributions to the creation of the hit song “Ojapiano,” they were only compensated a mere 200,000 Naira for their efforts.

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He further revealed that his previous silence, following an initial criticism of Kcee, was a result of pressure and intimidation from various individuals who contacted and threatened him.

He drew a parallel between his situation and that of Mohbad. Credo noted that he told Kcee to carry them along, give them shows, and put them out to the public, but he refused to do so.

video below:

In reaction, different opinions crawled in from netizens.

One dr.kparao wrote: “Oga 500k in total nor reach u? Weytin be all these ones self.”

only_juchy wrote: “The truth is wealthy people are USERS , you just have apply wisdom as up .”

deejaytoski wrote: “Entitlement wan kill this one. So he should pay you 100m or what. He gave them a platform they should use it.”

sheddyoflagos wrote: “I talk am say IMOLE will shed plenty light in this industry…….we have alot of Sam Larry and naira Marley in this industry.”

iamanonymous9ja wrote: “I guess he is rightly upset but his manner of speaking wreaks of indelible entitlement and ignorance ????.”

mr.agugua wrote: “Wetin them Dey use up and coming eye see for that industry ehn ????.”

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