“How my father used his power to cancel my shows” Davido.

“How my father used his power to cancel my shows” Davido.
  • reveals that his had used his influence to stop some of his because of his failure to keep to their agreement
  • According to him, his father was insistent on him going to school and they had made an agreement, which he sort of couldn't keep up with

Renowned Nigerian music artist, Davido, opens up about an agreement that led to the cancellation of several of his shows by his father.

The artist revealed how his father, a prominent figure in the society, utilized his influential to penalize him for reneging on a mutual agreement they had made.

The musician disclosed that his father had preferred that he graduate before pursuing a career in music in an interview with American TV anchor Kelly Clarkson.

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Davido claimed that because his father was so insistent that he attend school, they had come to an arrangement in which the singer would study for two weeks out of every month and then spend the remaining two weeks pursuing his musical career.

His only option was to enroll in part-time school as his music career and popularity expanded.

The music star claimed that his father began pulling ties to get him canceled from events because he wasn't happy with how his career was developing and how it was affecting his academic performance.

But he eventually completed his education, and his father is now his greatest supporter.

In his words:

“I come from a family that is really big on education. I'm first generation entertainer, in my whole life of bloodline.

He was really adamant about me finishing school. One, because I didn't make it. Two, because you know what I'm saying? He didn't mind me doing music, but he was really bent on me, you know finishing school.

He owns a University, so again.

So you can imagine and my mom was a college professor.

I think they were also scared because whatever you want your kids to do, you want them to be successful in it. In our business, it's not that easy to be successful.

So you know, we kind of made a deal, where I go to school for like two weeks out of the month and the other two weeks, I can be in the studio and do what I want.

It got to a point where I was a distraction to the class when my music was getting bigger. After a while, I got to do part-time class-type stuff. I was getting too big and he got mad.

I'm talking about he see a billboard of me doing a show, the show gets canceled before I get there. He has that type of power.

So it got to a point where everyone was scared to book me.

But eventually, I did finish school and now he is my biggest fan”.


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