Mercy Eke’s boyfriend Pere hails her amidst backlash

Mercy Eke’s boyfriend Pere hails her amidst backlash
  • described how Mercy took over the runway, shutting the mouths of her haters
  • He hailed Mercy Eke, showing support and admiration for the woman he has always wanted

BBNaija star Pere Egbi has come up with a powerful show of solidarity in the middle of the controversy surrounding Mercy Eke's recent runway debut at Lagos Fashion Week.

Pere expressed his admiration for her runway abilities in a widely shared tweet, demonstrating his unwavering support for her even in the face of criticism.

This public show of solidarity comes after Mercy has been the target of many criticisms regarding her involvement in runway events.

Some have argued that professional models should be the only ones allowed on the catwalk, not celebrities such as Mercy.

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Pere has been extremely open about his desire to pursue a love relationship with Mercy ever since he moved out of the Big Brother .

It became evident that he wanted a relationship with her outside of the Big Brother house when he freely acknowledged in multiple -show interviews that his love for her had intensified during their time on the reality show.

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Another incident that demonstrated Pere's devotion was when Mercy talked about the hostility she had experienced both inside and outside the Big Brother house in an emotional interview.

She conveyed her sadness at learning that some of the people she had thought of as friends had turned against her.

Pere was there to comfort her at that precise moment, promising to be by her side no matter what.

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Pere has also reveal that Mercy was always his type, even before she moved into the Big Brother house.

In an interview with Uriel, he added to the mystery around their developing relationship by describing her as the kind of lady he instinctively found appealing.

In addition, Pere had earlier tweeted only Mercy's name, which caught people's attention and added to rumors about their romance.

Despite the criticism, Pere's recent endorsement of Mercy's runway performance has further heightened the fervor in their relationship.

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