TikToker Sentenced To 7 Years In Peru Prison For Drug Smuggling

TikToker Sentenced To 7 Years In Peru Prison For Drug Smuggling

TikTok star Modou Adams, who shamelessly flaunted his baller lifestyle, was recently busted for cocaine to .

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According to the Independent, he faces nearly seven years in a Peru prison after airport security flagged three kilos of coke in his luggage.

Adams was attempting to board a flight to Paris, France, at the Jorge Chávez International Airport on September 30. Police searched his luggage and found the dope in the back of his suitcase inside a metal pouch.

The now-viral footage of the search shows officers cutting into the false back of the suitcase as Modou anxiously watches. The content creator's mouth hangs wide open for most of the search. Despite the amount of weight Adams was moving, he appeared so shocked at the discovery. Social media users noted his impeccable performance called for a career in acting rather than smuggling.

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The officer then held up the bag of white powder, which was later identified as cocaine.

According to the Supreme Court, Modou's final destination was London, England.

The Peruvian judicial system moves significantly faster than the U.S., considering Adams' case had a ruling in less than 24 hours. An interpreter guided Adams through the court proceedings and relayed his guilty plea. The blonde admitted full responsibility for the crime.

Judge Renee Quispe Silva issued the sentence for “illicit trafficking in toxic drugs, to the detriment of the Peruvian state.” Judge Silva also required him to pay a fine of £1,281.00 (6,500 soles).

Modou Adams' Social Media Documented His Pre-Prison Adventures, But His TikTok Account Was Scrubbed From The Internet

The jet-setting influencer regularly posted candid photos on his Instagram entitled “boywholives.” The page documented his repeated trips to Athens, Greece and Machu Picchu in Peru. Some fans wondered how the Brit was getting to the bag.

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Many speculated he secured a enough TikTok bag to support his luxurious lifestyle. However, in reality, Modou was a mule who will now spend the remainder of his youth in a jail cell.

Modou's last Instagram post shows him chilling at Machu Pichu four days before his arrest in South America.

Peru's Supreme Court released a statement confirming Adams' sentence of six years and eight months for a failed drug delivery of 2.89 kilos of coke. The documents indicated his full name is Modou Dodou Adams and listed his occupation as a “TikToker.” His account has since vanished from the app that once documented his whirlwind adventures.

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Unfortunately for Peru, this isn't the first high-profile case where Brits attempted to smuggle bricks across the pond. According to The Independent, in August 2013, Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid tried to smuggle £1.5million of cocaína from Peru to Spain.

The two were to six years and eight months in prison — about the same sentence Modou received. Yet, the amount of coke in his possession was significantly less at $180,000.

Peruvian officials granted the women early release. They were able to return to the UK to serve the remainder of their sentences on parole.

Let's see if the Black man with an African name will get the same treatment.

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