“Why Burna Boy’s money can’t be compared to Davido” Abu Salami

“Why Burna Boy’s money can’t be compared to Davido” Abu Salami
  • Abu stated that 's money is nothing to burna Boy's own 
  • He added that there is a high chance that the singer does not have enough money to pay him back.

Photographer Abu Salami has disparaged artist Davido, comparing him to rival Burna Boy, after calling out the singer over an alleged .

Abu Salami questioned Davido's income while highlighting that Burna Boy's money could not be matched to his.

He stated that he saw Burna Boy instantly transfer N15 million to a man who was in great need of assistance.

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He said:

Burna Boy and Davido's money can't be compared. How much is Davido really making? I was present when Burna Boy transferred N15 million to a man who was in need of help”.

To have been to Burna Boy's house, to have chilled with Burna Boy, and that same day. I saw Burna Boy transfer 15 million to a guy because the guy was in some kind of situation”.

He boasted about his victory over Davido while addressing those who were questioning him about not following the law, Stating that he doesn't trust the legal system.

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Additionally, he said, “I smile every night knowing that I have permanently damaged the singer's reputation and have him and his public relations team in a state of panic.”

In reaction, many draged him for being too spiteful of the singer.

The Food Networking wrote, “Over a small misunderstanding. will expose how people really feel about you. If this isn't envy, I don't know what it is

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Girlie wrote, “Why didn't u give Burna Boy the project na. Mumu, very anyhow somebody

Young Frosh wrote, “Do y'all even remember who Davido is? This disrespect is getting too much

Omalichawa wrote, “Okay now it's screaming jealous.

Poshest Hope wrote, “So it's David that can't do transfer of 15m? With this yeye comparison now, how will you get your money?”.

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