21 Savage Responds To Kodak Black’s Drink Champs Interview

21 Savage Responds To Kodak Black’s Drink Champs Interview

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21 Savage to Black's claim he switched up after album with Drake and points the finger back at post-jail Kodak.

Kodak Black's Champs interview felt more like a declaration of his stance on any and everything. The interview has prompted even Ray J to suggest Kodak needs help before he self-destructs. During the podcast, he claimed 21 Savage switched up once he released a joint album with Drake. According to Complex, Kodak volunteered his opinion when the question was simply to pick between 21 Savage and Future.

“Drake just got a certain little effect he do to muthafuckers and sh*t,” Kodak shared. “After the album they did together, all the sudden, that n***a on that pu**y ass sh*t. You vocalize it for real on the ‘, on the internet, like you ain't never vibe with me and sh*t.”

Allegedly Kodak and Drake were supposed to release a joint album when HER LOSS was announced out of the blue. XXL reports that 21 Savage took to Instagram to open up about the situation just as Kodak was on the podcast.

“Why the hell you always dragging s**t tryna make it seem like we got a problem or it's just deeper than what the f**k it is, bruh?” 21 said against a black backdrop. “It ain't nothing, let it go! Like make your money, you free now. We all go through s**t. You always tryna bring up the fact that you went to jail and s**t, like that s**t just mean like you deserve s**t more than the next n***a.”

Savage claimed Kodak was the one moving funny since his pardon from Donald Trump and thinks he feels he is owed something that he isn't.

21 went on to say, “What changed? ‘Cause I said I felt like I'd beat everybody who's on the Freshman cover? I'm supposed to feel like that, n***a!…It really be sounding like you just, like I don't know, you jealous or some s**t. ‘Oh, he did an album with Drake and switched up. I can't do no album with him 'cause he did an album with Savage.' Who the f**k say that type of s**t? I don't give a damn who a n***a do music with; that ain't got nothing to do with me.”

“You got in your feelings,” 21 said in the Instagram live. “You switched up after I did an album with Drake, that's what happened. You're a** switched up, and you be talking too much on the internet, you always saying s**t. Shut up sometimes. Go get yourself together and live your life, n***a.”

During the live 21 asked what it sounded like to his viewers implying Kodak was jealous. Only Kodak can answer those questions but perception is often reality. Stay tuned as we are almost positive Kodak will have a response of his own.

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