“Too old for this kind of dress”
  • Nollywood actress, Kehinde Bankole recently found herself at the centre of online ridicule due to her choice of outfit to a movie premiere in .
  • The actress donned a cut-out that put her cleavages on display; a style that did not sit well with netizens, leading to mockery and criticism.

Kehinde Bankole, a prominent figure in the Nigerian movie industry, triggered online criticisms due to her choice of outfit for a movie premiere.

The event took place on Sunday evening, hosted by Film One House, a notable production company in the Nigerian film industry.

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They organized a -studded premiere for their latest cinematic creation, “Adire,” scheduled for a theatrical release on November 3rd.

Anticipation ran high, as numerous luminaries from the Nollywood realm graced the red carpet, aiming to make a lasting impression. Unfortunately, it was Kehinde Bankole's unconventional wardrobe choice that drew significant attention, albeit for the wrong reasons.

The actress had opted for a cut-out dress that slightly displayed the black bra she was wearing underneath. This selection did not sit well with numerous netizens and the broader online community, who seized the opportunity to express their disappointment and, in some instances, mock her for her choice.

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Watch below:

Reacting One Mr Finest wrote: “Too old for this BS dress she can do better.”

One Dolla Sign wrote: “Na cheap clothes be this.”

One Call Me YT wrote: “What's she wearing now.”

One The Damzel wrote: “Which kind clothes be this again?”

One Pinky Beery wrote: “Can someone explain to me wetin this person wear? If u no get wetin to wear e better make you stay house.”

One Me Kuz wrote: “Una fit kill me here but that dress is not dressing.”

One Cyril Unusual wrote: “If she likes let her walk the street naked. That's her biz.”

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