BLK Conjures Up ‘Halloween Horror Stories’ In New Series

BLK Conjures Up ‘Halloween Horror Stories’ In New Series

BLK Dating App Halloween Horror Stories asset


Match Group's BLK Dating App stepped outside the box with its Halloween Horror Stories: Dating Edition series featuring three dating nightmares of unsuspecting Black singles.

From wild police encounters to mistaken identity and shocking discoveries, “these stories will have you on the edge of your seat this Halloween,” per the press .

“BLK is about sharing real stories–both, the good and the bad. That's what makes us and our users authentic,” said Jonathan Kirkland, Head of and Marketing for BLK. “When it comes to dating, we've all been tricked. Now let's find some treats (on BLK)! lol.”

To create this unique content, BLK invited its vibrant community of Black singles to share their own wild dating horror stories via an in-app questionnaire.

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There were all sorts of terrifying and unforgettable stories for BLK to consider before it ultimately selected three spine-chilling stories to bring to life in an animated content series. Check it out below:

Stolen Hearts & Wheels

Kicking off the series is a shocking tale that spiraled into chaos when a guy's stole a car and led him on a wild police chase. Will love conquer all when handcuffs are involved?

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A Mistaken Match

The second video of the series dives into the messy mix-up that occurred when a girl interacted with five different on another dating app leading to a hilariously awkward date.

A Date with Disaster

In the frightening finale, a girl discovers that her mysterious date doesn't quite match profile picture. As they head to the date, she notices some unusual items in his car, including duct tape, ropes, tarp, and a shovel prompting her to stage a daring escape. A week later, the man makes headlines as a wanted murder suspect.

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The Halloween Horror Stories: Dating Edition series is available exclusively on the BLK's Instagram and YouTube channels.

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