“You are a piece of sh^t” Adenita shipper tells Adekunle

“You are a piece of sh^t” Adenita shipper tells Adekunle
  • The fan representing the shippers, recently took to social media to voice her frustrations towards
  • The fan accused Adekunle of breaking 's heart and questioned his choice of associates, particularly those who closest to Venita.

In a scathing rant on social media, an Adenita recently expressed her intense disdain for Adekunle, fervently praying to never come across individuals of his ilk.

The anger and frustration boiled over as she unabashedly labeled him as nothing more than a despicable of excrement.

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The fan questioned Adekunle's choice of associates, especially those she felt were not Venita's allies, and accused him of shattering Venita's heart.

She fiercely rebuked him for being among people who, in her opinion, did not hold Venita in high esteem.

She continued with a threat in her message, implying that Pere, might have to confront Adekunle over his relationship with Mercy Eke.

“I pray to never locate men like you. Both guys hates Venita and you dine with them.

You really are a piece of shit. It's the fact that you hunting everyone that hated her.

From Doyini, Mercy and the rest. I wanna see your Karma

Always known you hate the girl but this is on another level.”

"You are a piece of sh^t” Adenita shipper tells Adekunle

Adekunle and Venita's relationship began when they were competitors on the big brother naija show. They had a strong on-screen chemistry and were among the first to fall in love while the show was on-going.

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They went so far as to arrange preparations for their relationship to continue after the show, outside the walls of the reality house.

But as the reality show was coming to an end, their relationship took an unexpected turn, leaving viewers and admirers uncertain about the real nature of their bond.

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Fans have reacted in a variety of ways to this change in the dynamics, especially the ardent Adenita shippers who are still very much involved in the former couple's journey.

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