Find less expensive options to tackle inflation, women advised

Find less expensive options to tackle inflation, women advised

Find less expensive options to tackle inflation, women advised

have been advised to find less expensive options when it came to their self-care in order to deal with persisting inflation in .

This advice was given at the ongoing 22nd annual conference of the Women in , Management and Public Service in Lagos.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria's inflation stood at 26.72 per cent in September.

Speaking on a panel titled, “Personal Equilibrium: Self-care in a Vuca World, the Chief Executive Officer of HD Pro Global, Dr Oyinkansola Jinadu, said that inflation is all over the world and not peculiar to Nigeria, hence the need to adapt.

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She said,”Contrary to popular belief that it's only Nigeria that's facing inflation, it is all over the world. Every nation is experiencing it and one thing I usually tell people is find something that are less expensive. If you are not spending so much, if there is less stress, which is really 98 per cent of a lot of stressful situations, you will find out that you will be a lot more peaceable.

“So number one, find your negotiables and non-negotiables. A lot of times, the things that we are so hung up about, we don't need it and we put unnecessary stress on ourselves to get it. Women, let's break it down. We can reduce the stress on ourselves, our pocket books and  husbands' pocket book and you will see things will be a bit more peaceful. You don't need to pay for an expensive gym membership, drink lots of water and please sleep.”

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The founder of Nett Pharmacy, Josephine Ehimen, women to pay attention to their bodies and moderate their use of .

“When your body gives you an alarm, don't snooze and I will say practice digital detox. We are all hooked on our devices. Technology is a two-edged sword, it has both positive side and negative side. It has made the world a better place but it has also put a lot of pressure on us. Do not allow someone on the other side of your phone determine what happiness looks like to you,” she said.

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The 2023 conference of Wimbiz is themed ‘Mission I'm Possible: Thrive'.

According to the Executive Director of Wimbiz, Hansatu Abegbite, the organisation has had 43 events in the year including its maiden London conference.

Women in Management, Business and Public Service is a Nigerian non-profit organization that seeks to empower women.

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