Ari Fletcher Claps Back At Rah Ali’s “Demon” Diss

Ari Fletcher Claps Back At Rah Ali’s “Demon” Diss


Ari Fletcher may have dressed as the Puppet from The Saw franchise for Halloween, but she recently warned Rah Ali that she’s not with the games  — “Find you somebody to play with. Cause I’m feeling real like a demon’ right now,” said the influencer.

Ari Fletcher x Rah Ali

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Rah Ali recently jumped on social media to drag Ari after an emotional episode of#TheImpactATL.

In the poignant scene, Fletcher has a face-to-face with her biological father for the first time. The two had an honest and heartfelt conversation that ended with Ari feeling let down by her dad.

“My life was really at my job most of the time,” Ari’s father explained. “Like, I worked hella hours — ten and twelve hour days until you became 18 years old.”

A tearful Ari replied, “That don’t mean anything”. She continued, “You weren’t there for graduations, you weren’t there for dances, for prom. I feel like it’s completely missing out on my life.”

Fletcher’s father explained that “chasing happiness” led to his absence and he “got caught up”.

“That’s bulls**t,” Fletcher remarked during a confessional after the meet-up. “I feel like coming here and getting his side and hearing his truth just kind of like a letdown for me.”

While fans showered her with support for sharing the vulnerable moment,


Rah Ali, on the other hand, took it as an opportunity to take a dig at the 28-year-old.

“When you’re such a low life even your Daddy don’t want to deal with you,” she spewed. “He knew you were a demon from birth.”

Rah’s remarks caused a fiery reply from the Chicago native who threatened Rah by revealing she knows where she lives.

“Rah I got your address and your social find you somebody to play with. Cause I’m feeling real like a ‘demon’ right now,” Ari cautioned.

The boy mom added, “Keep eating crumbs off the floor b***h. I been pressing old soggy b******s all my life without even applying no pressure.”

There was no chance Rah would remain silent after those jabs were thrown, responding to Ari’s original reply with a simple taunt, “come and get me baby.”

Ari fired back, “Rah you ready to wake up out your sleep in cold sweats again. You know I get the best of you. I control you. Im finna be her topic for the next year and a half. You my slave b***h!”

Rah later shared a pic of her child who Ari previously threatened to “beat” out of her in October 2020.

As previously reported, they exchanged words after Ari hit Rah and her media company ItsOnsite with a cease and desist letter following an alleged chin liposuction procedure, seemingly to block them from discussing it.

“Not THE BIG BAD WOLF running to the law. Not the b**** that tells MF’s she’s gone beat they baby outta them calling for help. NOT Ms. “You Better Hug Your Baby Tight Tonight” calling the man for help. THIS HOW I KNOW YOU SAT DOWN WITH THEM PROSECUTORS AGAINST HERBO.”

Ari kept it cute and didn’t speak publicly on the matter.



Rah and Ari’s beef has been blazing for a minute now.


We’ll keep you updated if it’s back brewing by the holidays.



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