Heartwarming moment Saga reunites with sister in Canada after years apart -VIDEO

Heartwarming moment Saga reunites with sister in Canada after years apart -VIDEO
  • Reality star, Saga Adeolu finally got to meet his sister in Canada after of being separated from each other.
  • Taking to social media, the BBNaija star shared the adorable moment he surprised his sister with a bouquet as they hugged tightly.

Former BBNaija housemate, Saga Adeolu orchestrated a heartwarming surprise for his sister who resides in Canada ahead of her after years of being apart.

In a captivating vlog post, the reality star and artist meticulously planned this heartwarming surprise in collaboration with his brother who also resides in Canada. The anticipation was palpable as Saga embarked on his journey to the Great White North.

Despite his initial struggle to select the perfect for his sister, he eventually settled on a lovely bouquet of roses, imbued with sentiment and affection.

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As Saga arrived at his sister's residence in Canada, he discreetly positioned the bouquet at her doorstep, hiding himself nearby. The emotional climax of the moment came when he leapt out from his hiding spot, catching his sister utterly off guard.

The look of astonishment and joy on her face was a testament to the profound connection they share, making this reunion a genuinely touching and unforgettable moment for the two siblings, rekindling the bonds of family that distance couldn't diminish.

Sharing the , he wrote:

“Family is Everything…

My sister relocated to Canada some years back and even before then she was in Abuja so we didn't get to see a lot. I've always wanted to go some time with her but y'all know the drill these days.

@ojokusaga has been such a pillar of support all my life but more importantly since my rise to the spotlight. It's hard to believe she hasn't stepped a foot in 9ja since I entered biggies house because most times she's the one updating me on everything going on around me. She's been so invested in my growth and stability that I can say I wouldn't be where I am without her.

I'm so glad we can now spend some time together and even more so because I myself need to rest and be taken care of for a bit. I need a bit of that mamas touch Abeg. I don tire ????, I don't want to pretend I flew all the way just to see her ????.

This is the closest unit I have to a family since my mothers passing. So call this my real “home coming”????..

I'm also glad I will get to see two of my best friends as well.. so stay tuned for more updates ????!

Big shoutout to my bro behind the camera @faximeel for helping put this all together ????..”

Watch the video below:

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