Why I’ve stopped working for money
  • Kunle Afolayan is not a baby filmmaker in the Nigerian movie industry.
  • The filmmaker has revealed that he has stopped working for money simply because his legacy has been achieved.
  • Afolayan added that all he is doing now is maintain his already successful career.

Many people work daily in order to be rich and successful while building their names. For popular filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, he says that he is no longer bothered with all of that.

During a recent interview with The Nation, when asked what his aspirations are and what he wants to be remembered for, Kunle Afolayan revealed that he no longer has any further ambition, and doesn’t work for money anymore. In his words:

“I’m me. I’m just a guy who loves life, would love to live a mark and enjoy life. In basic terms, that’s who I am. When I say live a mark, I want to be remembered for something and that I have achieved. So the rest of the years I have to live would be to continue living and be me.

I have achieved what I want to be remembered for. I don’t have any further ambition. All I want to do is maintain my name. From the works that I have done and the impacts that I have made, as long as this current world exists, I have realised that my works can never be forgotten, what more can one ask for.

I’m not working for money. I always say to people that there were times when it was a real hustle but now, it’s more of fulfilling destiny. I still wake up early, I hardly even sleep, I work on projects. So when I say I don’t have further ambition, it doesn’t mean I’m not working, I just mean I’m not setting any goal. I have a school so I am building capacity and also building future filmmakers. I have children, I am also a parent and I am trying to teach them in the best possible way. I have an organisation where I put food on people’s tables and that would continue to grow. I also have a lot of people out there who don’t have one on one contact with me but they love me. I’ll always want to do things that will keep my name in people’s mouth and my reputation in people’s subconscious.”

In other news, Nigerian film actress, Adebimpe Oyebade-Adedimeji, popularly known as Mo Bimpe, has revealed that marrying her colleague, Lateef Adedimeji, has made her more outgoing.

She made this known while having a chat on a recent episode of her colleague, Debbie Shokoya’s audiovisual podcast.

Mo Bimpe, however, added that although she doesn’t go out a lot, she attends events to support her partner.

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