Brain Jotter puts smile on face of physically challenged lady hawking water on streets with 400k gift

Brain Jotter puts smile on face of physically challenged lady hawking water on streets with 400k gift
  • A heartwarming capturing Skitmaker Brain 's compassionate act of blessing a physically lady who is peddling her wares on the vibrant streets of Lagos, has deeply touched and stirred emotions among online viewers.
  • This witty comedian generously showered the street peddler with 400k, all the while delivering a potent message to the young and able-bodied folks, urging them to take a page from the determined and industrious young lady's book.

Chukwuebuka Emmanuel, the well-known Nigerian comedian known as Brain Jotter, has shared a video of him assisting a physically challenged woman struggling to make a living on the busy streets of Lagos.

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The acclaimed skit posted now-viral video on his official Instagram account on Monday, November 6, where he openly disclosed the motivating factor behind his decision to offer assistance to the handicapped lady named, Eniola, at that precise moment.

In the video, as Brain Jotter and his team were en route to their destination, they came across Eniola selling water in the midst of a traffic jam.

Brain Jotter expressed that he was deeply touched and inspired to lend his assistance when he learned that, despite the woman's physical challenges, she had opted for honest work rather than resorting to begging for charity.

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After their face-to-face encounter, Brain Jotter dug into her life's story, uncovering that she was an Osun State native making her mark in the makeup artistry world.

Eniola, having journeyed from Osun to the bustling streets of Lagos, found herself in a financial pinch, lacking the essential tools for her makeup trade.

With a heart as as an ocean, Brain Jotter rode to the rescue, forking over a generous N400,000. To top it off, he threw her a social media lifeline, tagging her with the handle @glam_by_eniola, ensuring her journey was set on a smoother path.

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The lady, brimming with gratitude and sporting an elated expression, extended her heartfelt appreciation to the comedian for his generous act of kindness.

Captioning the video, Brain Jotter wrote; “We met her on our way to set and her story was inspiring. God bless her @glam_by_eniola.'



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