Davido faces threats over report of him arresting Photographer Abu Salami for forgery, cyberbullying

Davido faces threats over report of him arresting Photographer Abu Salami for forgery, cyberbullying
  • A short while after reports of Davido arresting a photographer who accused him of owing a hefty N218 million debt began circulating, a well-known Twitter journalist has issued a threat to topple the singer.
  • The OBO Crooner apparently detained Abu Salami on charges of stalking, cyberbullying, and signature forgery, sparking considerable attention and speculation on social media

A renowned investigative journalist, who goes by the alias PidomiNigeria, has stepped into the spotlight, making a solemn promise to stand up for the rights of sports photographer Abu Salami following the buzz of his arrest by the Afrobeats Superstar, Davido.

The DMW Boss set the online world ablaze when photos of Abu Salami at the police station came to light.

This photographer, who had previously accused Davido of owing him a whopping N218 million, was allegedly apprehended for engaging in cyberbullying, stalking, and forging signatures.

Reportedly, Salami confessed on an X (formerly Twitter space) that he had indeed forged the singer’s signature and expressed pride in his actions.

In one of the viral photos online, the businessman was seen presumable writing his statement as he arrived at the police station.

In another snapshot, Abu Salami, dressed in a white kaftan, was spotted behind the counter, adding intrigue to the unfolding saga.

In a countermove, the astute investigator PidomiNigeria pointed fingers at the singer and his father for seemingly employing police influence to subdue Abu Salami, even though allegations of Davido’s outstanding debt remained.

The journalist pledged to reveal concrete proof and unveil the real story concerning the actions of the Adeleke family to the world.

The journalist wrote;

“I am coming out of my emergency break to fight for Abu Salami. David and his father are trying to oppress him with the police. I will tell the world the truth with evidence. I am @PIDOMNIGERIA , i fear no one.

I go so yeye Davido and him papa online, when the time comes. You can not steal from Abu Salami, yet you feel you can oppress him by arresting him with the police. No way.

I will tell the world the truth. How Davido and his father are trying to oppress Abu Salami with the police @PoliceNG , even after Davido scammed him of millions of Naira.     

Watch out for my revelations. Abu must be vindicated. No oppressor can take his voice.”


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