Sarah Martins opens up on her battle with Judy Austin

Sarah Martins opens up on her battle with Judy Austin
  • noted how you can't hurt someone and expect them not to react.
  • Sarah recounted all the good things she did for Judy, yet she kept on blocking helpers from reaching her.
  • She added that Judy accumulated enemies for her, and did everything possible to pollute her mind against people.

Renowned actress Sarah Martins has revealed the lingering pain caused by her unresolved history with fellow Nollywood star Judy .

Opening up about her unhealed wound, Sarah spoke about the complexities and deep emotions that still surround their past friendship.

Sarah claimed she would never be able to forgive nor move on unless she let her emotions out. She claimed she had too many hurts to talk about and was still holding them inside.

She described how one of Judy Austin's unfollowed her as well after seeing how she treated her.

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Sarah Martins further described all the kind things she had done for Judy, but she was paid back with evil.

She described how Judy prevented her helper from reaching her, even when the said person kept on begging for her contact.

She noted how Judy accumulated too many enemies for her and how much she tried so much to poison her mind against innocent people.

Some jezebels from Judy Austin camp that came to my page to type rubbish hear me and hear well…..
I was the best thing that happened to that woman but she was the worst thing that happened to me!

I have too many things to talk about!
I have too many hurts that I'm still bottling up and until I express my anger I won't forgive or move on…

You don't hurt people and expect them not to react!
This particular woman was her fan and a strong supporter of hers but after witnessing her evil against me while we were still friends she had to unfollow and block Judy!

There's no advert she did for my brand that was not paid for, there's no time I travel to Enugu for her production that I don't buy her gifts worth 500k and above…

During her birthday I sent her , and celebrated with her so why would she hoard a business opportunity like that from someone she calls a friend if it's not wickedness and evil manipulation?

Barely 2wks of knowing me this customer has purchased products worth over 1.5m and she's one out of many Judy refused to give my business contact!

If you were in my shoes how would you feel?????
I am very forgiving, extremely loyal, and extremely kind so if I ever choose to go against you just know you've done way too much!

Judy accumulated enemies for me and did everything possible to pollute my mind against people just because she didn't want me around them

She did me dirty and I have every right to feel hurt or to drag her oversized black bra and blue pants!”

This occurs just hours after Sarah Martins explained why she keeps dragging Judy, narrating how her supposed best friend refused to give out her number for a N1.5 million business deal.

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She pointed out that although she was continuously taking shots for Judy, she was always carrying out her evil behind her back. Sarah noted that she has chosen to drag her until her heart heals.

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