Nigerian artists losing love for music – Pheelz laments

Nigerian artists losing love for music – Pheelz laments
  • Pheelz said he observed that Nigerian artists are now more interested in the lucrative business side of music.
  • He warned that marketing strategies are fleeting, emphasized that only good music will stand for a long period of time.

Renowned Nigerian music producer, Pheelz, expressed his concern about the diminishing passion and love for music among Nigerian artists.

Pheelz lamented on the shift he has observed in the current generation of musicians. He highlighted the increasing focus on commercial success and fame, often at the expense of originality and artistic fulfillment.

A photo of Pheelz

During an interview with media personality Ehiz on The Dadaboy Show, Pheelz claimed that Nigerian musicians are now more focused on the lucrative music industry than the art form itself.

He asserted that Nigerian manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and artists are all the same.

He stressed that only excellent music will endure, cautioning against the transience of marketing techniques.

Pheelz said:

“We [Nigerian artists] are losing that love for music. It’s starting to become manufacturing. It’s starting to feel like we’re manufacturing soaps like we are making iPhones.

“It’s starting to feel repetitive like we’re losing our creative sauce and our creative essence. It’s becoming work. Now, it’s harder to promote than to even make the music. Now, it’s becoming about promotion and marketing, not even about the art of it.

I don’t know about anybody else but for me, it’s about the music. I think that’s the most important thing. That’s the one thing that will stand the test of time. Marketing strategies will come and go. We shouldn’t be really focused on that. The way we market music now was not the same way we used to market music.

“When people say stuff like, ‘It doesn’t even matter if the music sounds good, if you no get money to push am e no go blow.’ That kind of thing hurts me. I’m like, then what are we doing? If we don’t really exalt good music anymore and we just follow clout and hype what are we doing? Are we really making music then?”

Pheelz hopes to inspire a revival of genuine passion for music and encourage artists to prioritize creativity and innovation over merely chasing popularity.

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