Angel Smith carpets man who begs her to reveal the sponsor behind her lavish vacation abroad

Angel Smith carpets man who begs her to reveal the sponsor behind her lavish vacation abroad
  • Angel Smith sparks controversy on Snapchat when questioned about her vacation sponsor.
  • Responding to a user’s inquiry, Angel humorously redirects attention to the man’s dad, dismissing him as a ‘broke loser.’
  • Angel expresses disappointment with men on Snapchat, urging them to focus on their jobs while declaring a strong preference for engaging with women.
  • Recent viral video showcases Angel’s $8,000 villa vacation, fueling discussions about the source of her luxury amid a complicated relationship with fellow Big Brother Naija housemate Soma.

BBNaija star, Angel Smith stirred up a buzz on Snapchat when questioned about the mysterious benefactor behind her lavish vacation abroad.

The young man, a Snapchat user found himself at the receiving end of Angel’s sharp wit when he dared to inquire about the man supporting her getaway.

Angel playfully redirected the spotlight, pointing to the man’s dad and humorously advising him to consult his mother for details on her vacation sponsor.

The banter took a spicy turn as she casually labeled him a ‘broke loser.’

Angel Smith fires back with sassy response amidst vacation controversy
Reality star, Angel.


Angel unleashed a Snapchat tirade expressing her disappointment with men on the platform.

Her unsparing words urged them to refocus on their jobs, if any, while making it clear that she preferred engaging with women.

The realiy star did not mince words, declaring her disinterest in the company of men and emphasizing her strong preference for female companionship.

The controversy didn’t stop there, as Angel addressed the persistent name-calling and slut-shaming she claimed to endure from men.

Challenging her critics, she called on them to substantiate their accusations over the past three years.

This Snapchat saga unfolded just days after Angel shared a viral video showcasing her extravagant vacation digs—a stunning $8,000 villa where she enjoyed a solo retreat.

The footage triggered widespread discussions, with netizens buzzing about the source of Angel’s luxurious getaway, especially considering her complicated relationship with Soma, a fellow BBNaija housemate.

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